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Model correctly and write less code, using Akka Streams

One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.
-- Ken Thompson More than two decades of writing software programs to earn some humble money and to keep the home hearth warm, has taught me that writing simple, elegant and readable programs result in much more maintainable and extensible software. Importantly, stakeholders prefer to have maintainable code. One way to ensure that  these properties exist in the code, is to write fewer lines of code, wherever possible. Generations of greats in the world of computer science and programming have been reminding us about this little yet undeniable truth. Yet, it is surprising how often we tend to ignore this, knowingly and to projects’ detriment. If we have to write programs that are simple to understand, we have to understand the problem well, before anything else. If the problem is redefined in simpler and more fundamental terms, then it becomes easier to model the problem in the programming terms. The solution that emerge…